Summit Painting and Remodeling strives to be as helpful as possible in educating and providing professional information to our customers. We are always happy to explain our processes and involve our customers throughout our projects. The questions on this page are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t see a question you would like to ask or need further explanation, please contact us. We welcome anyone with questions or who are in need of solutions.

General FAQS

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed through the State of Tennessee. Yes, we are fully insured with general liability insurance AND workers compensation insurance. It is extremely important that whoever you hire proves they have insurance because if you hire someone to work on your home and their employee injures themselves on the job, you could end up being responsible. ALWAYS ask the person you are considering contracting to have their insurance agent send you a Certificate of Insurance directly so that you know their policy is current. Do not accept a copy of their insurance, as it may be expired. The insurance agent will list you as a certificate holder and notify you if the policy is cancelled or changed.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business almost 20 years. Will Kaiser started a painting business in Colorado in 2002. In 2007 he expanded to adding remodeling services. In 2011 he moved his family and business back to his hometown of Knoxville, TN.

Do you have references?

Yes, and we will provide you with references pertaining to the type of work you are considering. We can also provide you references from our bank to give you assurance the company is financially stable, or references from vendors we use to provide evidence that we pay our bills on time.

Do you use subcontractors?

For painting work we always strictly use our employees. Most of our remodeling work we handle through our employees. However, we do use subcontractors for various tasks such as pouring a foundation for an addition or any major plumbing and electrical overhauls.

Painting FAQs

Do you replace rotten wood before painting?

Yes, we can repair any rotten siding or trim before painting the exterior of your home. This is usually performed by one of our carpenters or in some cases by one of our paint crew leaders depending on the scope of the repairs.

Will you repair drywall and fill holes before painting?

Yes all minor drywall repairs are included in our interior price painting. Any significant repairs will be noted at the time of the estimate and itemized on the final estimate.

What kind of prep work do you do before painting?

Most of our exterior painting projects start with pressure washing using a bleach based solution to remove dirt, grime and mildew. For exterior painting the typical prep process will include any carpentry repairs necessary, scraping and sanding loose or peeling paint, applying the proper primer where needed, caulking cracks and loose joints and filling holes with wood putty. Drop cloths are used to catch paint chips from scraping loose paint and to protect driveways, sidewalks, porches or decks, roofs and plants or landscaping.

With interior jobs, we use ‘interior’ drop cloths, different ones than the ones used outside. In almost every interior painting project, we create a trail of drop cloths leading to the area the work is performed to walk on when coming in and out of the house. We always fill nail holes from pictures and repair any surface dings and scratches with spackle before painting the walls and if necessary we lightly sand the walls to remove any bits of paint or fibers from roller covers left behind from previous paint jobs.

If there are cracks in the drywall we will apply drywall tape to this area and use a fast setting joint compound to prevent the cracks from returning. If we are painting trim, we caulk any loose joints that have cracked open since the last paint job before we paint. Any water stains or dark marks on ceilings and walls are covered with an oil primer to prevent them from bleeding through the paint.

How will you protect our plants?

We are constantly working around landscaping and plants that our customers cherish deeply, so we are already prepared and well experienced with treading as lightly as possible in gardens around your home. While working around hedges and bushes we cover these with drop cloths to protect them from paint drips and overspray. Occasionally we have to trim back trees or bushes but this is only done with the consent of the homeowner. Many times we are able to tie back trees to pull them away from the home, alleviating the need to cut them back.

Will you move furniture?

We almost always move furniture with our interior painting jobs. We generally ask the homeowners to move small breakable items. When moving furniture we utilize furniture sliders to prevent scratching floors or tearing and pulling carpet. After work is completed, we will move the furniture back to where it came from.

Do you paint brick or stucco?

Yes to both. If the brick has never been painted we generally apply 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Loxon XD which is a masonry paint with a primer. We have always achieved great results with this product. For most stucco painting jobs we use another Sherwin Williams product called Sherlastic which is an elastomeric paint designed for painting stucco surfaces.

Do you paint cabinets?

Yes we paint kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities quite frequently. Our process includes prepping the cabinets by de-glossing or sanding or a combination of the two, then applying a shellac primer. Typically, 2 coats of latex paint are all that is required after the primer. All doors and drawer fronts are removed and sprayed to achieve a perfect finish. All face frames, exposed sides and bottoms and any cabinet trim are painted in place. This is also a great time to update the hardware as all of this is removed in the process so the only cost to you is the cost of the new hardware.

Do you refinish decks?

Yes we are capable of just about any type of deck refinishing project. Whether it be just pressure washing your deck and resealing with stain or mechanically sanding a painted deck for repaint, we can help you. Our experts will know what type of paint or stain was used the last time your deck was finished and what type of product will work best for a new application. We will also educate you about the pros and cons of different types of products available to treat your deck.

What type of paint do you use?

Most of the time we use Sherwin Williams products due to our familiarity with their products from using them for the past 20 years. They have an extensive line of products that covers everything we have come across needing to be painted. Due to our long lasting relationships with Sherwin Williams, we receive deep discounts on their products which we will always pass along to our customers. We are also always happy to accommodate our customers to use other paint products besides Sherwin Williams.

Can you help me choose colors?

In most cases we are always willing to help our customers when choosing colors. We also have access to professional color consultants and our preferred interior designer can also be utilized when needed.

Do you offer a warranty for paintwork?

Yes we stand behind our work with a 3 year warranty for our paint jobs. This is two years longer than the industry standard of one year. We pride ourselves in our work and this is one small way for us to prove it.

Remodeling FAQs

When you start my job will you stop to work on other projects?

All of our jobs are equally important to us so when we start a job we will be on it until completion. We carefully plan our projects and make sure all materials have been ordered before beginning to ensure we don’t end up with gaps in the middle of projects. In most large projects there will naturally be periods where we can’t work due to inspections or weather. We will always keep you informed if these types of delays will prevent us from working.

Do I need to be at home when the work is taking place?

No. It is not necessary for you to be at home. Many of our customers are not able to be present while we are working. We have even done full house remodels while the clients were out of state.

Do I need a permit for my project?

Many home remodeling projects do require permits. These should always be handled by the remodeling contractor you hire. We know when permits need to be pulled, what type of permits are necessary and which government body to visit to pull the permit. We handle all scheduling of inspections as well.

How long will my project take?

The answer to this question will obviously vary depending on the scope of the work. Any substantial project will include a detailed schedule for all of the work from start to finish so that our customers have a timeline of events. This is one way for our projects to stay on track and be completed when we say they will be.

How do you determine your pricing?

Pricing for our projects are determined by many variables but the variable with the most impact is the required skill level of the involved scope of work. Most of our projects involve many different aspects of home remodeling. We provide detailed, itemized cost breakdowns of all the different components of our projects so that you can clearly see where your money is being spent. This also allows us to adjust different parts of the project to work within budget constraints. We itemize all materials and permits separately from labor as well to give you a full scope of costs. These practices allow us to stay within the price set at the beginning of the project.

Do you have design services available?

Yes, we have access to designers who can handle any type of design work. They are capable of producing 3D renderings of our projects and architectural drawings when needed. They are very talented in choosing fixtures and finishes and often do this for our customers.